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PTGFs usually construct an ideal girlfriend image online, They are well packaged and advertised, for the sake of building their own brand name. This can also be regarded as their marketing strategy.  

Moreover, PTGF always try to separate their real life identity from work. It is understandable that they seldom show their faces online so as to protect their privacy.

Being a PTGF are much more dangerous than traditional emotional labor as they lack law protection. There is a blurring line between being sexually abused and work required. Thus, Legal empowerment can raise the social status of PTGFs and gradually change people’s perception.    

PTGF also reflects the love phenomena in contemporary society. Companion service somehow resembles to real life love relationship. They are using companionship to exchange for real materials. 

The service providers (PTGFs) are actually creating virtual emotion, which they pretend to love and care about their customers. However, as shown in our research, some customers could hardly evade the emotion afterwards and constantly asking for real love. This phenomenon can be commonly found in all types of emotional occupations. PTGFs could also turn into real life partners. 

One of our research propose is to figure out whether women is achieving bodily autonomy or objectifying themselves throughout the process. They are actively engaging in objectification and commodification. They are constructing an obedient and submissive women image online to satisfy men’s psychological needs, which also facilitates the stereotyping of women in traditional relationship.  However, at the same time, PTGFs use their bodies with their own will, which means that they are also achieving bodily autonomy.

Our research has accomplished our initial purposes and acquire useful information and knowledge throughout the process. PTGF is not equivalent to sex worker. We observed that people are too biased towards the industry as they immediately link them with prostitution. Hong Kong people use their service but at the same time, condemn their behavior, showing that people are still very conservative and suppressive towards sex and relationships. The emergence of PTGF also implies that sexual demand will always exist and has to be tackle. It is essential to be more open minded to accept change in society.


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